Headlight Restoration


After a few years your headlights can begin to oxidize, fade and yellow, causing an unattractive look for your vehicle. As if that weren't enough, your visibility is greatly reduced in the dark and low light situations. Our headlight restoration process will ensure you have factory clarity for the next 12-18 months. Prices typically range from $150-$250, depending on the damage of your lights, the size of your lights, and the number of lights to be restored. 


As the top rated paint correction and restoration shop in the area, we guarantee you will receive premium service to your vehicle. The methods in which we use to achieve the desired headlight clarity are far more advanced than any other shop around. We make sure we don’t cause any more damage to your lights, as we’ve seen many detailers leave deep sanding scratches and even warping due to extreme heat from improper machine usage. There’s a reason we charge a minimum of $150, instead of $20 like your average detailer.


As you can see above, we use proper sanding techniques by hand, or by machine, to acquire the desired finish on our projects. This ensures that we get a flawless result with every restoration that we do.



Even if someone is able to clean your lights up for a small amount of money, will it last? What are  they coating them with in the end to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Most detailers love to spray your headlights with clear coat, and this can be a major problem because of the overspray that will get all over the rest of your vehicle, and the clear may even begin to crack, yellow and peel over time. Some may not coat with anything more than a wax, which is bound to cause the lights to oxidize rapidly in the coming month, due to the fact that once the headlight is sanded down, it is more vulnerable to oxidation in a shorter amount of time than it was the first go ‘round. Our ceramic coating is guaranteed to leave your lights looking as good as new for a minimum of 12 months, and once that time is up, simply come in and see us annually for a $30 re-coat. Remember, you have to protect your lights just as much as you do your paint. Call or text today to schedule your headlight restoration appointment.