In Person Training

If you’re ready to take your new, or already established career to a higher plateau, The Pro Polish Workshop is the place for you. In this intense training, we aim to exceed your expectations and give remedies to every one of your questions, gearing you up for 1000% confidence when you touch back down on your homeland…ready to roll. We have two spots available in each training for 2 individual trainees from 2 individual companies (example: 2 from Modern Pro & 2 from Flawless Touch), but if you want to bring your entire team and book out the entire session, we will allow up to 4 trainees from one company (example: 4 from Modern Pro).

Training runs from 6am to 3pm with a 1 hour lunch break from 10:30am-11:30am 

Our itinerary below is just a GLIMPSE of what goes on in training. Give us a call today at 910-759-3756 to book your appointment.


Apply for financing for 2 Day Training via AFFIRM here.

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Paint correction trainingPaint correction training